Cantina Produttori Valdobbiadene - ITALY

Cantina Produttori Valdobbiadene is a social enterprise with 600 shareholders.

Total integration between the production and bottling software, the warehouse software and the management software has made it possible to optimize resources, cut costs and adjust production and delivery schedules to customers’ needs.

In addition, the simulation and processing of historical data have been fundamental, especially in monitoring the production process of vineyards by studying their vegetative evolution and phenological phase through mathematical models and simulations.

This allows the organization of the entire production cycle, from phytosanitary treatments to the end of the harvest, scheduling the ideal process and co-fermentation and consequent production in harmony with nature. Confirming the care given to the company’s processes, Cantina Produttori Valdobbiadene has obtained the VivaA certification, which measures the impact of the vine-wine supply chain in emissions, water and territory, in a logic of gradual reduction of the same.

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