3rd Newsletter and our multilingual developed tools

September is here and the partnership has been working hardly throughout the summer for the development of the Self-awareness tool (SAT) and the Trainer’s platform and App, in Italian, French, Spanish, German and Greek.

Don’t miss those free of charge tools. All you need to do is log in to save your progress. You can choose the courses you want to take and the number of courses you wish to enroll in. Furthermore, you can browse through various courses simultaneously.

Did you had the chance to visit our 3rd newsletter and learn about our news?

The 3rd newsletter was released in July and it is available here! At the newsletter you will learn about our Learning Training and Teaching Activity that took place in March but also you will learn about the Self-awareness tool (SAT) and the Trainer’s platform and App.

Do Big Data, AR, AI, Machine Learning and Digital Twin, sound complicated to you, as teacher?

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Don’t miss the project results!


Because with the Self-awareness tool (SAT) you will be able to test your knowledge on these areas. With this tool you will also have access to a range of cases and examples of applications of these technologies. You will be able to enrich your knowledge and learn how they are used in industry and education. Visti the SAT here!

The Trainer’s platform, which is also accessible through an App, provides all the needed information about those technologies and by the end of each module, you will be able to take a test to your newly acquired skills and knowledge. Upon the successful completion, a certificate is provided. Access them here.