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Our Erasmus+ (KA2) Project is approved!

The duration of e-VET4AI (e-VET Trainers 4 Artificial Intelligence) project is 24 months. The project started on November 2021 and ends in October 2023.

We aim is to support trainers active in mechanical training courses, in the development of new digital skills and confidence in the use of new teaching methodologies, to be integrated within more traditional teaching methods.

The project is addressed to:

  • Trainers (from the partners’ institutions and, in cascade, from Europe)
  • VET Institutions & eVET Institutions
  • VET trainees (both students and workers)
  • Metalmechanical companies
  • VET Educational providers
  • Τeachers’ assistants
  • Engineering companies
  • Other stakeholders (Adult, disable people, stakeholders who play a role in educating VET students & stakeholders who play a role in Engineering companies)

The project results are:

  • e-VET Self Assessment Tool (e-VET SAT) for Digital Proficiency
  • e-VETrainers Platform and App
  • e-VET4AI training model (e-VET4AI TM)

Stay tuned for more info and news!


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