DGroove - ITALY

Augmented Reality plays a vital role in this sector by enormously supporting its innovation. For example, it is thanks to AR technology that maintenance and control of machinery can now be organized in real-time from a remote location. Through AR glasses, many companies can now offer their maintenance services to customers around the globe, saving on the costs of transporting their staff. This new possibility allows companies to maximize their efficiency and contributes to their increased technological advancement.

Dgroove is an Italian system integrator that offers customized Mixed and Augmented Reality solutions that meet the needs of companies for the – management of maintenance and remote technical assistance, – for remote or self-paced training to provide instructions for use and assembly, -to create remote machinery and functional showrooms,for collaborative design and much more.

Augmented reality, in this context, can enable the acquisition of new skills and abilities. Dgroove, for instance, has important expertise on Hololens, the technological glasses made by Microsoft that, once worn, allow physical reality to interact with holograms;

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