4th Newsletter and e-VET4AI Call to Action

4th Newsletter and e-VET4AI Call to Action

With the end of the year we are also heading towards the end of the project!

Awareness-raising events have been organised in recent months to disseminate the two approaches followed by the project: the application of artificial intelligence in education, focusing on how artificial intelligence can improve education provision, the orientation of teachers and trainers to artificial intelligence, and what the main technologies applied in the engineering sector are, how they are applied, their purpose and the skills they require.

Each partner organised its own multiplier event and Go Live of the Learning Platform, showcasing the project results and sharing the training model developed by e-VET4AI with its local ecosystem.

In November 2023, ECOLE – Enti Confindustriali Lombardi per l’Education organised the Final Conference of the e-VET4AI project at the Zucchetti tower in Lodi.

Did you have the chance to visit our 4th Newsletter and learn about our news?

The 4th newsletter was released in December and it is available on the website! At the newsletter you will learn about our Self-awareness tool (SAT) and the Trainer’s platform and App and the e-VET4AI Teaching Model: the Challenges.

Register on the Platform and join the community of teachers and trainers already using our new teaching tools!

Here is the access LINK to the e-VET4AI ecosystem!

Don’t miss the latest phases of the e-VET4AI Project

The partnership needs you!

The e-VET4AI partnership is pleased to open the doors of the training ecosystem created in Europe!

Through this unique opportunity, the e-VET4AI project aims to network in order to improve the knowledge and skills of trainers in the developments of Industry 4.0, which are most in demand in the educational and industrial system.

Therefore, the aim is to co-design together a training pathway for implementation in their respective educational institutions!

If you are a professional trainer or teacher with experience in the engineering, mechanical and mechatronic sector, don’t miss this opportunity!

If interested, download the expression of interest at the following link and get in touch with the partner institution closest to you!


  • ITKAM – Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany – info@itkam.org



  • HETEL- Asociacion De Centros De Formacion Tecnico Profesional De Inciativa Social De Euskadi Hetel Heziketa Teknikoko Elkartea De Durango (Bizkaia) – hetel@hetel.org



  • CBE – Cooperation Bancaire Pour l’Europe cbe@cbe.be