Mecalux Belgique - BELGIUM

Mecalux is one of the leading companies in the storage systems market. It is specialised in the design, manufacturing, sale and services of metal racking, automated warehouses and other storage solutions. Mecalux is the leading storage company in Spain and ranks third in the world in its field, selling to more than 70 countries.

The implementation of automated systems and software for logistics generates a considerable amount of valuable data for training algorithms using machine learning. In addition, the programmes employ data analysis and demand forecasting to increase reliability and productivity in warehousing activities.

The automatic cash register warehouse consists of three aisles with double-deep pallet racks on each side, 43 m long and 9 m high on 15 levels.

In each aisle there is a miniload stacker crane of the two-column type, which manages the entry and exit of the goods. These machines work at a translation speed of 250 m/min and 90 m/min in lifting.

The miniload includes a double box extraction system in its nacelle, capable of handling two boxes at a time and accessing the second position of each location. It is equipped with a fork and two motion straps, a belt extractor system that allows to pick up the crates from either side of the aisle.

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