For 30 years, SIPA has been designing, manufacturing and selling on the world market all technologies for the production, filling and secondary packaging of PET containers, from preform to final product, for beverages, food, detergents, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

With the project VIR2EM, co-financed by the Veneto Region SIPA has developed a prototype in collaboration with Beantech that consists of a software architecture capable of obtaining a series of functions from the machines, some of which can be grouped under the umbrella of Asset monitoring. These can be summarised as follows:

  • Real-time acquisition of all data sent from the XGate field device;
  • Generation of KPIs and metrics, e.g. OEE;
  • Update of configurations (machine master data and alarms);
  • Real-time updating of machine status;
  • Real-time updating of alarms that are generated;
  • Preparation of data management for future analysis based on data science and machine learning

The Business Analytics solution for supervising, capturing, processing and visualising data:

-Plant performance visibility

-Predictive maintenance

-Alarm analysis

-Analysis of value-added services

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