Technowrapp has been designing and manufacturing automatic stretch film wrappers for palletised products and product handling and tracking systems since 2002.

Intralogika was founded in 2017 as a new division of Technowrapp specialising in the study and implementation of solutions for intralogistics, it is able to take care of all aspects of the handling and tracking of loads within production areas. It offers solutions that start with the simulation of material flows in the production area, up to the development of the hardware part completed by the software logic. The consulting and implementation of the hardware and software are generated entirely by in-house personnel.

With a 4.0 project, Technowrapp has set itself the goal of having transparent information in real time, aimed at internal staff and the customers themselves. In 2018, a project was initiated to implement the necessary systems in the company to centralise all the information, giving control KPIs by drawing on a single container called “Data Lake”.

A Data Warehouse was created where data from ERP, CMR, PDM/PLM, MES, Tiketing, HR/Presence were transferred and machines were also interconnected with deep learning and machine learning systems.

On the product/customer side, the company has adopted Simulation concept systems to propose tailor-made solutions and maximum efficiency, as well as Virtual commissioning tools that allow software programming phases to be considerably anticipated, no longer based on physical parts but on 3D virtual models.

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