e-VET4AI project results

The project e-VET4AI aims to initiate a process of Open Innovation, in which the European Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) systems are open to practices, developed in other contexts through the sharing of a Virtual Learning Space.

During the implementation of the project, the three following outcomes, will be created:

  • e-VET SAT (Self-Assessment Tool), i.e., a tool aimed at assessing the teachers’ level of digital competence and outlining the progressive acquisition of new digital skills(PR1);
  • e-VETrainers Platform and App, aimed at facilitating the collaboration between teachers, regarding the creation of interdisciplinary digital lessons (PR2);
  • e-VET4AI TM (Training model), i.e., a ready-to-use online course for teachers providing assessment and certification methods (PR3).

Projects result implementation

Let’s see, what the partnership has already done, regarding the project’s results’ implementation:

  • (PR1) e-VET Self-Assessment Tool (e-VET SAT) for digital proficiency

On 29th of March, we organised an online Working table with Anastasia Economou, project leader of the SELFIE for TEACHERS tool.

This meeting was a great occasion, to deepen the partnership’s knowledge, in the field of digital proficiency for trainers. Also, the activity aimed at investigating the possibility of creating synergies and integrations with existing tools and frameworks for the design of the e-VET SAT.

The project partnership has equally discussed on the selection and customization of software supporting the Self-Assessment tool. Many prerequisites have been taken into account: most important ones are the accessibility in open mode and the provision of results at the aggregate level of the trainers of the participating institution. All partners will then take care of the translation of the tool in the languages of their countries of origin.

Finally, during the last two months some of the partners (ECOLE, SIAV, HETEL, ITKAM and QZ Riesa) have realized Focus Groups or interviews with teachers and VET trainers. The main objective is to look into the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on training contexts, such as digital gaps of the trainers and digital solutions adopted.

This activity was held in Italy, Spain and Germany for more than 20 VET organizations of each territory. All partners involved, having already collected and summarized the findings of the trainers’ experiences, had the occasion to have a discussion on the subject with all other partners involved. ECOLE, as leading partner of the Project Result 1, (e-VET SAT), will put all these results together to take them into account for the realization of the SAT.

  • (PR2) e-VETrainers Platform e App

p-consulting.gr carried out a benchmarking activity in order to identify the most suitable technology for the development of the Platform. In particular, the partners have considered open-source solutions, in order to offer VET trainers, the most accessible and useful tool for improving digital proficiency. These choices were also based on the sustainability of the project, even after its conclusion, respecting some of the 17 goals of the U.N.

After having presented and discussed their proposal to the whole partnership, the implementation activity has begun. With the support of all partners, SIAV is elaborating the module contents to be implemented in the Platform. In particular, four different modules are foreseen dealing with the following topics:

  • Big Data
  • Cloud computing
  • Cyber- physical systems and
  • Artificial Intelligence

The partnership will also in this case work on multi-language versions of the Platform.

  • (PR3) e-VET4AI Training Model (e-VET4AI TM) this project result will start from April 2023, so further news will be shared in due time.