Project LTTA in Frankfurt

Project LTTA in Frankfurt- featured

At the end of March 2023, both the partnership and educators joining from all over Europe had the chance to experience firsthand the outputs of the project and test its functionality and operativity through the LTTA (Learning Training and Teaching Activity). This LTTA was organized by the partnership, the participants challenged their views and knowledge by attending fascinating meetings and seminars about A.I. implementation and state of the art, with particular attention to education. The activities took place from the 28th to the 30th of March, and they were hosted by the coordinator of the project ITKAM. The group was formed by 25 participants, all coming from different parts of the world but all equally interested in the topics of the LTTA and eager to experience them.

1st day of the LTTA

The group met up at the international airport of Frankfurt main lobby, where immediately after arriving, they were welcomed by an expert of FraportAG,  Germany’s most important Aviation HUB and also VET body, whose role was to explain and inform the participants about their activities and create a productive confrontation with the partners, discussing education methods and different countries‘ regulations.

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2nd day of the LTTA

The group went to the nearby city of Darmstadt, where they met up with students who are part of the Learning factory of the Centre for Industrial Productivity (CIP), an innovative training centre of the local University where tools and methods for designing production processes are taught. The center, together with The Centre for SMEs 4.0 and the Chamber of Commerce of Darmstadt is a research factory where the themes of lean production, industry 4.0, machine learning and big data are studied and taught. In the same day the group attended a workshop held by HessianAI, a newly formed center for A.I. studies and research where 13 German Universities are involved. During the workshop many questions were raised and the discussion reached great topics of interest pertaining to education and A.I. application.

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3rd day of the LTTA

Finally, during the third and final day of the LTTA, the group put to the test the contents and the e-VET SAT generated by the partners through various activities: first the project, its procedures and content creation activities were explained and presented, afterwards a testing phase of the E-VET4AI online Platform and App was conducted and the e-VET SAT was tried out by the participants.

Participants were asked to give feedback about friendliness and accessibility of the online platform and also relatability and usefulness of the contents presented within. Some teamwork and educational workshops were also held where the participants were asked to co-design the e-VET4AI training model, applying the knowledge they had gathered through the different activities attended, thus contributing to the design of the third and final project result.

Last but not least, the partnership gave out participation certificates and reported an overall satisfaction with the LTTA’s 3 days activities and outputs, which allowed participants to deepen their interest and knowledge of new technologies of industry 4.0, subsequentially enabling them with the potential ability to disseminate the acquired content with their colleagues and students.

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