Institute of Life – IASO – GREECE

ERICA (Embryo Ranking Intelligent Classification Algorithm) through the collection of large amounts of data, image analysis and intelligent software, helps critical decisions to be made in the diagnosis. Τhe embryo selection process is optimized in order to select the most suitable embryo for embryo transfer.

ERICA evaluates a large range of characteristics of each embryo not visible to the human eye and helps to select the embryo with the greatest chances of implantation, in the endometrium of the prospective mother, with an accuracy rate of up to 92.5%. The ERICA system performs for each embryo a precise analysis of more than 20 parameters.

It analyzes the results of each embryo and ranks them according to their viability, from the most suitable to the least viable. In this way, both doctors and couples accurately learn their true potential for achieving a positive pregnancy test. ERICA system compares these images to the large and ever-growing database of cases collected over the years to learn and improve its accuracy intelligently.

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