The company offers packaging solutions for food products in paper packaging. The food industry has very advanced needs for interconnection and human-machine interaction, Galdi has grasped the importance of investing in 4.0 technologies to innovate, introducing enabling technologies applied to its filling solutions.

This need led to the creation of an IoT infrastructure that allowed the company to collect data from its filling machines in a cloud. On the basis of this infrastructure, a platform was created that brings together Galdi’s digital services, including the MaSH (Machine System Health) application, a digital service that allows the production efficiency of the filling machines to be monitored and maintained. The idea was to be able to support customers in their business decisions.

As part of the VIR2EM project, Galdi, in collaboration with the University of Padua, has built a database recognised by the scientific community ‘ALARM LOGS IN PACKAGING INDUSTRY (ALPI)’. In short, the system developed uses Artificial Intelligence to filter the machine’s telemetry with the aim of identifying uncommon anomalies among the thousands of alarms reported daily.

This improves the machine’s ability to recognise and report malfunctions, a fundamental condition for predictive maintenance, but also the ability of the system itself to transmit data in a comprehensible and useful manner. This innovation is already leading to the development of a service capable of selecting and communicating significant anomalies to customers, as well as a further line of research related to Continuous Learning.

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