Signal Ocean is a digital platform that employs machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to make ship management more proficient and easier to handle

Since 2018, Signal Ocean has assisted brokers, charters, and ship owners in looking for data on the available tonnage in several loading areas around the world. The platform has already managed to capture 50% of the companies representing the spot market in the tanker space. The Signal Ocean Platform has also launched a CO2 emissions tool, Tanker and dry bulk market participants are able to assess the CO2 impact when chartering ships optimally positioned for their cargo. In the commercial shipping market, we need to understand how many ships are available in each part of the world, how busy they are and when they will become available again. Based on this understanding, they have to estimate how strong the market will be and how the freight rates can go higher or lower in the foreseeable future. Based on that, they will decide if they are going to book a ship today or maybe wait a couple of days to achieve a better commercial result. This is what this Signal Ocean platform does. Having extracted key information from emails, it combines it with market data to provide insights into which vessels are available for loading in a certain geographical area, when and for how long they will be available, as well as their current market share. This helps you improve your decision-making, for example, whether to book a ship or wait a little bit.

Signal Ocean is a combination of AI, machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies that ensure that all companies’ data is safeguarded inside Signal Ocean’s “secure data vault”. It further allows each client to have a personalised access to market insights. They have built a system so that each company has its own separate data bucket, which is only used by that company alone. The platform has been designed from the ground up to respect the fact that different companies are going to have different information and creates a view of the world based on the data that the subscriber has put into the system.

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